Project Description

Ivy & Vanda

beeswax candles, beeswax wraps, all things love and light

You’ve seen beeswax candles before.  Now, meet Ivy and Vanda.  These two ladies would love to come to your next dinner party and be a part of the rowdy conversation. In fact, they’ll happily take up residence wherever you fancy

We are a family of beekeepers. Our business has grown from one man’s hobby into a lifetime love of bees and the bush for all the Whitehead family. Our honey is cold extracted and packed by hand. Care is taken at each step to ensure our honey remains true to its origins. Our honey is spun from the comb, settled, strained once then bottled. Each honey variety presents its own unique taste from the sweet Ironbark to the robust Mountain Harvest. Honey is never just honey, so try a couple and find your favourite.

Walkabout Apiaries Honey Shed is open for tastings 9am – 5pm most days.

We’ve got our amazing local honey, Ivy and Vanda beeswax candles and eco wraps, honey pear & ginger cordial & Whitehead’s Mead.

“Absolutely love it! What a great idea.”