Whitehead’s Mead

traditional honey mead, come and try it

From a family of beekeepers comes the sweet nectar you can drink by the glass. Whitehead’s Mead is more than just honey wine, it is an ancient beverage that pre-dates wine making.  Honey and water may be fermented on its own or with fruits, spices or grains to create a huge array of mead styles.

Whitehead’s Mead focus’s on producing a truly Australian mead experience by utilising the natural characteristics of native eucalypt and bush honey varietals.  Honey from natural bush in the Victorian Alps to the vast plains below is produced by their own bees, then carefully selected for the different styles of mead they produce.

If you’re on your honeymoon in the MGR it’s best you drop in for a taste; after all in Viking culture mead is the traditional honeymoon drink.

If you just like a tipple, you’re more than welcome too.  We’ve got a mead for everybody from the Classic Dry, Spiced, Sweet Red Gum or Raspberry Melomel.

We’re down at Walkabout Apiaries – where the honey’s at.

“Absolutely beautiful mead!”