Project Description

Woodland Gourmet Mushrooms

Gourmet Mushrooms right here in the Milawa Gourmet Region

Amongst the foot hills of Victoria’s High Country, yet still in the renowned Milawa Gourmet
Region & settled snugly in the picturesque Carboor valley, is Woodland Gourmet Mushrooms.
Established in 2018.
Owned & farmed by Glen & Anthea Mitchell, we are a small scale mushroom farm, specializing
in gourmet and exotic varieties. We are passionate about sustainability and regenerative farming
practices. We believe in localizing food networks, minimising food mileage and strengthening our
local economy.
It is our intention to produce all year round, with types & varieties that are best suited for the
conditions of each season. We strive to provide our community with fresh produce that’s healthy, nutritious, grown locally, with ethical and sustainable methods.